Open Redcution and Internal fixation Joint surgery :
The Linear locking plate-Tibia
Case 1- Pre operative

Post operative

Case 2- Pre operative

Post operative- immediate

Post operative- three weeks

Radial diaphyseal fracture- Non union


Cancellous graft application

Plate fixation

Post -operative Radiograph

Distal Radial fracture

Locking T plate
Intra operative

Immediate Post-operative

Customized T plate

Pre operative

Immediate post-operative

Post -Operative -6 weeks

Cranial cruciate ligament repair: Stabilising the stifle joint using leder line nylon and crimps and prevent lameness

Joint surgery : Patella luxation repair: Surgery performed to reposition the displaced knee cap( patella ) and prevent lameness

Hip Dysplasia

Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis for Pups ( 12-16 weeks) to treat early hip laxity

Joint surgery: Femoral head and neck ostectomy : Surgery performed to effectively manage a painful hip joint

Neuro Surgeries- Hemilaminectomy procedure for intervertebral disc disease in a paralysed dog

Neurosurgeries-internal fixation of vertebral fractures( Broken backs)

Spinal stapling

Vertebral plating

Cat vertebral fracture – spinal stapling

Neurosurgeries: Spinal trauma

Pellet injury

Paediatric bone diseases
Secondary Nutritional secondary parathyroidism( Ghost bones) and pathological fractures

Carpal valgus and corrective ulnar ostectomy

Hypertrophic osteodystrophy

Carpal hyperextension syndrome

Avascular necrosis of the femoral head